Home Sweet Home

After lots of looking, we have finally found our new home! ¬†Our offer was accepted and now all we have left to do is to sell our house ūüôā I was off yesterday so I spent most of the day cleaning, setting up appointments, and taking care of any other tasks that we need to... Continue Reading →


My First 6 Weeks as a Vegan

Hello friends! ¬†A few weeks ago I posted that I was thinking about going vegan and my immense love for all things CHEESE. ¬†I have struggled, but found that going vegan is not impossible. ¬†It is actually cheaper and I feel better, both physically and emotionally. That being said, the cheese struggle is real, y'all.... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Being Frugal

I started tracking our finances about a year ago, and since then my life has changed drastically for the better. ¬†Before I began budgeting, I thought we were doing pretty well with money. ¬†We were spending money we didn't have, and we were spending lots of it on stuff. ¬†We didn't even realize where all... Continue Reading →

Going Vegan

So I've been giving serious thought into going vegan. ¬†I know there are huge health benefits, but I am struggling with the idea of giving up one of my true loves: CHEESE. ¬†I feel like I could give up meat, fish, milk, honey, and ice cream with ease. ¬†But no cheese??? ¬†I just don't know... Continue Reading →


We have decided to finally put our house on the market this April. ¬†This gives us 4 months to complete our decluttering process and fix anything with the house before we list. ¬†We really don't have a lot left to do, but the whole decision has me a little anxious. ¬†What happens if the house... Continue Reading →

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