Be Our Guest (Part 1)

I’ve been working on redecorating our guest room this week.  My wonderful husband has already replaced the light fixture, light switch, and outlets 🙂

Last week I started my nightstand project for the guest room. I re-stained the top, painted the bottom Behr Burnished Clay, and replaced the drawer pull.  I just put a coat of poly on it this afternoon after work.  I’m really happy with it!

Processed with MOLDIV
Finished!! (Excuse my mess)
BEFORE: Our (boring) guest room

I painted most of the trim today, with the exception of around the doors and behind my desk.  I’m really dreading moving it, but it has to be done.  Tomorrow I will finish the remaining trim and paint the doors.  Hopefully I can get everything done by this time next week, with the exception of replacing the carpet.  The after pictures are in my second post, Be Our Guest (Part 2) 🙂

Guest Room To Do List:
Paint walls
Paint trim
Paint doors
Replace carpet
Replace blinds
Replace light fixture
Add doorstopper
Paint nightstand
Replace door hinges
Replace doorknob
Replace smoke detector
Replace closet knobs
Replace outlets
Replace switch

Once the guest room is finished I can start working on the big project I’ve been putting off: our kitchen cabinets.  We are replacing our countertops and backsplash sometime in August or September, so I really want to have the cabinets painted before the countertops are installed.  I already have all of the hardware, so its just a matter of putting in the time and hard work to get it all finished on time.  I know my husband will be so relieved when we are FINISHED with all of these updates.  Did I mention how amazing he is??? 🙂 ❤


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