DIY Barn Door (Part 2)

As you may remember, my husband and I built a barn door recently.  Well, I have an update…it’s up!!  That’s right, my barn door is officially functional 🙂

Close-up of the hardware

I am obsessed.  Originally, our closet door was a regular interior door that swung IN to the closet, which was a huge nuisance because we lost so much closet space.  Now that the door slides, there is so much room!  (I’d post a picture but my closet is currently a disaster area.)  Plus, it’s pretty 🙂  Added bonus:  this was a project we completed together, and had a fun time building <3.

All that’s left is adding a handle.  I ordered a bronze one from Home Depot a few days ago.  As soon as it comes in, I can screw that baby in and our DIY barn door project will be complete!


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