Warmer Weather Approaching!

Hello there!  Well it is already April 21st, and I am only a few short days from our annual spring vacation 🙂 This year we are going backpacking in the Ozarks.  I can’t wait!  We purchased a new tent that we will be trying out for the first time, and some new lightweight camping chairs.  My goal is to get all of our gear into the trunk (to deter potential car break-ins).

Its been a pretty rainy April, so we haven’t gotten as much accomplished outside as I would have liked, but that’s ok.  The front porch isn’t going anywhere, so we can always paint that next month!  We were able to clear out the dead bushes in the front yard and clean up around the front porch, but we haven’t planted anything just yet.  We also cleaned up the wooded area beside the retaining wall, and that looks much better now.  We were also able to paint the patio doors, and they look soooo much better.  We are still working to finish all of the touch ups inside, but I seem to always put that task off since it is so terribly tedious.

I am hopeful for May 🙂 I would like to finish up the things we didn’t get to in April, for sure.  We also had a contractor come out to give us an estimate on adding a screened in deck for the backyard, so maybe we can get that finished just in time for grilling season!


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