What happened to May?

Seriously, where did the entire month of May go??  I have been super busy lately, but for good reasons 🙂

The first week of May we took our annual spring vacation.  Our goal is to see every state, so each year we pick two states to visit; one in the spring and the other in the fall.  I hate flying, so we road trip everywhere.  You get to see more of the scenery by driving anyway 😉  This year we went to Arkansas, which was really beautiful.  It definitely lives up to its name, “The Natural State.”  We started our journey in Little Rock.  We are nature enthusiasts, so instead of staying in costly hotels, we camp everywhere.  The first place we called home was Lake Maumelle.  Our campsite was right on the water, and we were visited by a mother goose and her goslings the next morning ❤  We climbed to an overlook on Pinnacle Mountain, which overlooks the Mississippi River.  It was cold that day, so we didn’t stay too long!  Next we went to Hot Springs, where we went to Garvin Botanical Gardens to see the famous chapel in the woods.  It was spectacular!  We went on a weekday, so we had the place to ourselves.  We also went to the top of the observation tower that overlooks the city.  It was so windy I thought I was going to blow away!

Our next campsite was on the shore of Lake Catherine, and we were greeted by hungry ducks & geese.  After getting a good night’s rest, we drove to Petit Jean State Park, which was gorgeous.  I would love to go back and do more hiking, but we were short on time.  We did complete the Bear Cave Trail, which had some amazing rock formations.  We also had lunch at the beautiful lodge, which tasted SO GOOD after eating camp food for a few days.  Next on our list was Mount Magazine State Park, which was also unbelievable.  We had a fabulous dinner at the Skycrest Restaurant there, which has floor to ceiling windows and a spectacular view.  This is another destination that I would love to go back to and really explore.  We didn’t get to see any bears, but we enjoyed every minute of the park.

Next we visited the quirky town of Eureka Springs, which was a diamond in the rough.  We did not expect to stay, but after a day of rain and thunderstorms on the way, we decided to go ahead and book a hotel for the night.  To our delight, we were able to stay in a charming little treehouse near the city square.  We each had extra long showers, took advantage of the cable TV, and slept on a bed for the first time in days 🙂  The next day we explored, visiting many of the shops and galleries located in the square.  We fell in love with the beautiful victorian cottages, lush gardens, and unexpected art pieces that decorate the entire town.  We finished off our stay with an evening ghost tour at the famous Crescent Hotel.

Our final day in Arkansas, we hiked to Hawksbill Crag, which is arguably the most famous hike in the state.  It was a fun 3 mile hike, suitable for anyone who isn’t afraid of heights.  I’m not sure how far the drop is, but if you fell you would not survive.  The trail was moderately busy, but we were by ourselves for the majority of the time.  The gravel road was steep and rough, but our little car made it up just fine 😉

I will post pictures later this week…I have not gotten around to editing any of our vacation photos, so there will be visual aids to accompany this post soon!


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