When faced with a problem, whether made up or otherwise, my first instinct is to shut down.  I want to get in bed and hide under the covers.  I want to sleep all day, mindlessly surf the internet in between naps, and stare at the TV for hours until its time to go back to... Continue Reading →



I thought I was better. Its been a few weeks since I've seen my therapist.  When I scheduled my appointment, I honestly thought about canceling the session because things have been going so well.  I had been losing weight and exercising, doing things far out of my comfort zone, and feeling more confident about myself.... Continue Reading →


I don't think of myself as a materialistic person.  I carry the same purse everyday.  It's basic black and goes with everything.  I don't have a problem with buying shoes from Payless (they fit my wide feet comfortably and I practically live in my Sanuk flip flops anyway, so whats the point in spending tons... Continue Reading →

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