Day #9

Day #9 of the 30 day challenge – success!  I went to the grocery store before work and got the rest of the odds and ends I needed for the party on Sunday.  I’m making broccoli salad, baked beans, rotel cheese dip, meatballs, and there will be a sandwich tray from the local deli.  I also cleaned & moved the cat water/food bowls upstairs since we will have to keep them secured in our guest room for the party.  I still have to clean the bathroom, mop and sweep the floors, and wipe down the appliances.  I will save that for tomorrow 🙂

Oh yeah, today is the first day of fall!  It was 90 degrees here in Tennessee, so it still felt like summer 😦  I was going to buy some mums today but they weren’t on sale and I couldn’t bear to pay full price.  My husband worked on the flowerbeds today since he had the day off.  They are looking really good!  I’m so glad I haven’t killed our hydrangeas.  I have never been good with plants, but I am trying really hard to get our yard looking nice this year.  I have only killed one plant so far, lol.

Anyway, stay positive my friends 🙂  It’s FRIDAY!

Until next time…cheers 😉


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