My Life, Condensed

A while back I posted that I was interested in minimalism and simplifying my life overall.  I have made lots of donations over the past few months, and I am proud to say that I have fit all of my sentimental items into one plastic bin.  This includes yearbooks, my favorite stuffed animals, and handwritten letters from people I love.  Worthless to anyone but me, I suppose.  But they matter to me, and that’s what counts.

We have also been thinking of selling our house and moving back to AL, where our dollar would stretch a bit more.  This would allow us to pay off more student loans.  Also, I would love a one story home.  After living in a two story home all these years, I am starting to see the appeal of having everything I need all one on level.  Plus, its more kid-friendly 😉

With the possibility of moving looming overhead, I have had even more motivation to simplify lately.  I was able to get all of my Christmas decorations (minus the tree) into three bins.  At one time I think I had at least 6 bins and two Christmas trees, so I got rid of a lot!  Actually, I have a bin in the garage right now waiting to be photographed and posted for sale online.  If they don’t sell, then I will just donate them.  The only things I haven’t gone through are my husband’s things.  I’ll let him do those in his own time, but I think he’s seeing how positive simplifying has been for me.  Hopefully that will encourage him to get rid of some things he doesn’t use as well.  If not, I think I will just tell him he can move his own boxes whenever we move 🙂

Minimalism, for me, is minimizing my own anxiety.  Holding on to old dresses that didn’t fit me anymore just made me feel bad that I hadn’t lost the weight yet.  Seeing all those extra holiday decorations made me stressed out about having to get everything perfectly decorated in time for the holidays.

Truth be told, I used to decorate for every major holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc).  For my own sanity, I decided to just decorate for Christmas from now on, only because it’s my favorite 🙂  I just don’t need that constant feeling of “I need to do this and this and this” in my life anymore.  I never questioned why I decorated for every holiday, it just seemed normal since that’s what my mom always did.  But as the years go on, I see how stressed out she makes herself by overcommitting to this idea that everything has to be perfect all the time.  I don’t want to feel like that.  It’s exhausting.  

So there you have it, my tiny minimalist journey.  I’m still a work in progress, but aren’t we all?

Until next time… cheers 😉




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