I Just Want to be Happy

I just want to be happy.  That’s my life goal.  The problem is, I don’t know how.  I have people in my life that love me.  I have a roof over my head.  I have a job.  I don’t understand why I’m not happy.  I’m just…not.

In retrospect, have I ever been happy?  I was an anxious child who had trouble making friends.  As a teenager I was incredibly depressed and isolated myself from others.  I suppose now as an adult not much has changed.

I just feel like things should be better, somehow.  Not in a materialistic way or anything.  I mean, I should feel better.  Does everyone feel like this?



4 thoughts on “I Just Want to be Happy

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  1. Hey Rachel, thank you for being vulnerable about your depression. I suffer from that as well since my traumatic brain injury within the past year. I haven’t dealt with it as long as you have, but this year has been really hard for me. What I have found is I found a few things that give me some time of peace/happiness/calmness and I try to do those things if not daily/weekly. Simple things such as taking walks through a park and take some photos and edit them. Depression is a really hard thing to deal with/manage and overcome. Try to set some small goals towards finding some solutions. You can do this, and you aren’t alone in feeling that way at all.

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