I can’t believe it’s November 1st already! I am not ready for the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  I’m hoping everyone will agree that for Christmas we should not do presents this year, except for the kids.  It’s just too expensive, and we honestly don’t need any more clutter.

That brings me to my next topic:  gratitude.  For the past few weeks I have felt suffocated by all of the invitations we have received: multiple birthday parties, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners to attend.  As an introvert, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of these social obligations.  I need time to recharge my batteries, and when we have events scheduled back to back, it makes me feel unbalanced.  However, I am taking this opportunity to count my blessings.  Even though we have so much to do, the reason is because we have so many people that care about us.  They care enough to invite us into their homes, feed us, and spend time with us.  So when it all gets to be too much, I’m going to try to remember that 🙂


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