Our Minimal(ish) Master Bedroom

I’m still on my minimalist journey, and the bedroom seems like the best place to start.  Its where I spend most of my time, and its my favorite room in the house.  I took the liberty of listing all our possessions to truly get into the spirit of simplicity.

Also, don’t judge me.  I really like decorative pillows 🙂

Master Bedroom Contents:
California King Mattress
California King Bed Frame
4 Standard Pillows
2 Sets of Sheets
2 Sets of Pillowcases
2 Quilts
1 Mattress Protector
1 Electric Blanket
5 Decorative Pillows
2 Night Stands
2 Lamps
1 Dresser
4 Picture Frames
3 Pieces of Art
2 Lanterns
2 Candles
1 Wax Warmer

This doesn’t include any of the items in our nightstands, dresser, or closet, of course.    Seeing everything we own in a list makes it seem like we have A LOT.  In reality, this is the paired down version of our bedroom.  However, each of these items serves a purpose.  The artwork makes me happy.  The lamps are used every single day.  The wax warmer makes the room smell fragrant. The nightstands hold our morning cup of coffee.  And yes, I really like my decorative pillows – they really tie the room together 🙂

I’m still a work in progress, but I feel like I’m finally making large strides in my mission to live simply.  I’ll continue to post my progress, and will perhaps post more lists of my possessions by room (its very motivating!)

Until next time…cheers 😉


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