Selling Our House

I have mentioned in the past that we are thinking of moving back to AL.  We have been in our current house for about 2 years, and have done lots of updates to increase the value.  Our current location is in a very desirable neighborhood, which has also increased our home value.  It seems like the perfect time to sell so we can make a nice profit, and also downsize in the process.

We met with a realtor this weekend who made some suggestions and ran some numbers for us.  I think we have decided to only replace the flooring downstairs.  The carpet upstairs really needs to be replaced, but I think we can get by with giving it a good cleaning.  I have already been all over pinterest looking up DIY carpet cleaning solutions, haha 🙂

Since our bedroom has already been properly de-cluttered, I think the next step is to complete the two upstairs bedrooms.  One is being used for my husband’s hobby room, which is a black hole of bottles of paint, miniatures, books, and various materials for making scenery.  (He will be working on that room!)  The other room is our guest room, but right now it just houses our treadmill, a TV, and the cat’s food and litter box.  The closet contains my wedding dress, luggage, craft supplies, and other odds and ends.  Luckily that should be relatively easy to tackle.

We also have the bonus room, which is not super cluttered.  We have our sectional, two chairs, a TV table, the TV, coffee table, an end table, and two lamps.  I also keep all of my computer stuff in an armoire for my work from home job.  We have a door to our attic in the bonus room, and it has been paired down pretty recently.  Right now we have 5 plastic bins, organized by category: 1 with my keepsakes, 1 with husband’s keepsakes, 3 with Christmas decorations, plus a mini Christmas tree, a full size Christmas tree, larger pieces of luggage, our picnic basket (I feel so parisian when we use it at the vineyard) and two space heaters.

The two bathrooms are already pretty minimal, but I do need to go through our linen closet again.  The final room that needs help is the kitchen, which I have done in several stages.  My method: I get rid of a few things, wait a little while to see if getting rid of anything has impacted us negatively, and then start again.  So far I’ve gotten rid of a lot (an entire set of dishes, for example) and we haven’t noticed.  The garage is another story.  We have completed SO many DIY projects and there are lots of random items left over that we have not dealt with.  Scrap wood, half empty cans of paint and stain, and who knows what else.  I am trying to come up with ideas on what we can make with the scrap wood 🙂

Long story short, this weekend was very productive as far as helping us plan for our next big step.  I have already scheduled another pick up from the charity nearby, so I better get moving.

Until next time…cheers 😉


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