T Minus 1 Week

One week from today our first Thanksgiving at home will be complete!  I envision around this time next week I will be re-heating some leftovers or digging into a (2nd) piece of pie.  Our family does Thanksgiving potluck style, and I am making the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and dinner rolls this year.  I am getting hungry just thinking about all of the delicious dishes everyone is bringing 🙂

In other news, I found out I did not get the job I interviewed for.  In a way, I’m a little glad because I would be switching my entire schedule around, along with my days off.  On the other hand, I won’t be getting that pay raise I was hoping for.  That just means we will need to keep being diligent with our budget and keep making extra payments toward paying off the car and student loans.

I’m hoping I can talk to our families over Thanksgiving about not doing Christmas presents this year.  Normally both families draw names, but we have a tough time keeping up with that too, to be honest.  We have 9 December birthdays in our family, which makes things really tough on our wallet.  If we JUST bought gifts for the kids for Christmas, we would buy 4 gifts total.  However, the grandparents refuse to not buy for us for Christmas, so we end up getting them something in return.  So then there are 3 more gifts to buy.  That doesn’t even count all of those birthday gifts we have to buy.

Unfortunately, my husband’s family didn’t do birthday gifts this year.  Instead, they said to just save it all for Christmas.  For that reason, I am assuming they won’t want to forgo Christmas gifts, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Honestly, after October 31st, I just want to take a 2-month vacation to a warm beach somewhere and forget all of the holiday madness.  Too bad we don’t have the money for that.  Do you see the irony?

Until next time…cheers 😉


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