Preparing to Sell

I mentioned a little while ago that we are thinking about selling our house and moving back to AL.  I have taken some steps to get the ball rolling (met with a realtor, gotten estimates on a few things we need to fix, etc.) and I’m feeling really good about everything as a whole.  I have even started staging the house!  I’m an aspiring minimalist, so I am continuously going through rooms and decluttering as I go 🙂

Luckily our bedroom is pretty much finished, with the exception of deep cleaning the carpet, touching up some paint, and giving the closet another good decluttering session.  We have two upstairs bedrooms that I’m in the process of staging.  The first bedroom we used as a guest room, so it really doesn’t need a lot of work.  The carpets need to be deep cleaned of course, but we have a bed, lamp, nightstand, and of course a few comfy throw pillows.  The closet is pretty empty; a small table fan (for hot summers — certainly don’t need that right now!), my treadmill, a small weekender bag, my wedding dress, and a little plastic organizer that holds craft supplies and gift wrapping supplies.  I’m working on pairing down my craft supplies and gift wrap supplies this Christmas 🙂  The other bedroom is my husband’s hobby room.  As you can imagine, it is FILLED with hobby stuff (he paints miniatures).  I’m thinking it should be fairly easy to stage as a bedroom, though.  I’m sure we could borrow a bed, nightstand, and lamp for the short time we would need them.  I’m giving him the task of decluttering that closet!

The kitchen is finished, with the exception of some paint touchups.  We are having the floors downstairs replaced, so I think that will up the value of our home a great deal.  The dining room is practically done too.  I am planning on refinishing the table and chairs to give them a more updated look.  Our living room/entry needs some help, though.  Our furniture is super outdated (the previous owners left it and we just kept it because we didn’t have hardly any furniture).  Since its the first room you see, I’m hoping I can find a small couch and chair for cheap on Craigslist to make the space look more stylish.  Not sure I would be able to borrow things like that, unfortunately!  We already have a coffee table, and I am planning on refinishing that as well.  The bathrooms are basically done too, with the exception of some paint touchups here and there.

The challenging room will be the bonus room.  We have a great couch and coffee table already, but the layout of the room is very odd.  I’m thinking of adding a pallet wall as an accent feature to sort of tie the room together.  I looked on Pinterest and they seem fairly inexpensive.  I’m also going to refinish the TV table & deep clean the carpets.  Originally the room was my husband’s man cave, and he had sports memorabilia everywhere.  I took all of that down and added some interesting pieces of wall art so the room will look less like a frat house and more like a farmhouse 🙂

The outside of the house really doesn’t need much work.  I’d like to touch up paint on the exterior doors, and caulk any areas that need it.  The mailbox and post need a new coat of paint, too.  I’m sure once spring rolls around we will need to get a few flowers to spruce up the porch and mailbox area.

The garage is clutter city, and since its more of my husband’s domain, there isn’t a lot I can do about that.  I’d like to paint the garage and at least tidy it up, though.

Writing out this large list of things to do really makes me feel like downsizing is the right step for us.  I long for a life of simplicity, free from constant clutter and chores.  I am trying to be patient since we have so much going on in our lives lately.  It seems like every weekend I have a big task I’d like to accomplish, but we run out of time because of other obligations.  Hopefully moving will fix some of that.

Until next time…cheers;)


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