We are all creatures of habit.  The real secret of success is a good daily routine.  For a while, my daily routine was incredibly lazy.  I would wake up, make coffee, lounge in bed, and scroll online until it was time to go to work.  Repeat times a hundred.  After a while, I began to feel really bad about myself.  I had all this free time but I seemed to never get anything accomplished.  My routine needed to change.

To shake things up, I moved the TV out of our bedroom.  I don’t watch TV that much, but I have the habit of turning it on while I’m doing other things, and then getting distracted.  To eliminate my biggest morning time waster (the internet) I moved my laptop & charger out of the bedroom as well.  To really complete the trifecta of ultimate productivity, I also moved my phone charger across the room to my dresser.  It is still in my bedroom, but no longer charges on my nightstand on a nightly basis.  This forces me to get up to turn my alarm off, instead of snoozing for an extra 45 minutes.

So far these small changes have helped me.  I am not up at 5 AM running marathons or anything :), but I have noticed a significant increase in my productivity throughout the day.  I do still allow myself at least 30 minutes to drink my coffee in bed, mostly because mornings are hard, and coffee and blankets make me happy.

I’ll let everyone know when I learn the secret to marathon running at 5 AM.  Until next time, cheers! 😉



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