My Top Excuses for Not Working Out and How I’m Handling Them

For the past 3 years I have been trying to give away a Christmas tin full of candy.  Each December I fill it full of candy and end up eating the candy myself before I can give it as a gift to someone.  It makes me feel like shit every year, mainly because it holds A LOT of candy.  Today I decided to donate that damn Christmas tin to charity 😉

I’m trying to think of ways to motivate myself into getting more physical activity in each day.  I hate working out, playing sports, and getting sweaty in general.  Exercise is truly a chore to me, but I am told I need it to be a healthy human being.  Here are a few ideas I am going to try:

Setting an Alarm.
I have an app on my phone that requires me to take a photo to stop the alarm from going off repeatedly.  (It’s called Alarmy and it’s awesome).  You can also set it to make you solve puzzles and math problems, but I like the fact that it makes you MOVE to turn it off, depending on what you choose to take the the picture of.  My morning alarm picture is my Keurig.  This forces me out of bed and directly in front of the coffee maker, so I just go ahead and make myself a cup instead of going back to bed.  How does this relate to exercise you say?  I am going to set my new alarm as a picture of my treadmill.  This is going to force me everyday to physically walk upstairs into the guest room to silence the alarm by taking a picture of the treadmill.  Once I’m there, I really don’t have any excuses, right?  Wrong, I can think of an excuse right now – I’m still in my PJs.  Enter my next solution:

Having Proper Attire at the Ready.
Since my treadmill is in the guest room, I can use that closet just for my workout clothes. All of my yoga pants and tank tops and gym shoes will now be in the same room as my treadmill.  Problem solved!  That takes care of the physical aspect of getting me into the same room as the treadmill and being adequately dressed to perform the task of exercising.  But what about my mind?  Preparation is key:

Preparing Beforehand.
Once I’m actually on the treadmill, I get bored really easily.  My solution to that is to have either my laptop charged and ready to go, or having my earbuds ready so I can listen to stuff on my phone.  I am an extremely visual person, so I like to watch youtube videos while I use the treadmill.  The earbuds are to drown out the noise 🙂  I also plan to keep a water bottle in the cup holder at all times.

So there you have it – my top ideas for tricking myself into exercising!  I am already over the fact that exercising sucks and I know I’m never going to enjoy it.  However, this will at least be my daily reminder that everything is already prepared for me to just suck it up and just move my body for 30 minutes or so 🙂


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