Going Vegan

So I’ve been giving serious thought into going vegan.  I know there are huge health benefits, but I am struggling with the idea of giving up one of my true loves: CHEESE.  I feel like I could give up meat, fish, milk, honey, and ice cream with ease.  But no cheese???  I just don’t know if live will be worth living without it.

I have done extensive research on veganism.  Ok, not actually, but I watched some food documentaries on Netflix.  Almost all of them advocate cutting out dairy and meat and focusing on veggies and fruit.  Right now I eat a fair amount of dairy as part of my meal plan during the week (non-fat greek yogurt, hardboiled eggs, and laughing cow cheese).  I created a sample vegan meal plan that I am thinking of trying out:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries and almonds
Lunch: Garden salad
Dinner: Tofu with broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes
Snacks: Carrots & guac or an apple with peanut butter

It seems simple enough, and I have thought of things I could change up for certain meals, like maybe a smoothie with almond milk for breakfast instead of oatmeal, or a veggie burger for lunch instead of a salad.  (Although a veggie burger without cheese sounds so boring.)  Once I’m finished with the dairy in my fridge, I think I’m gonna try the vegan meal plan out!

Have you had success with a vegan diet?  Are you a cheese-a-holic like myself?  Let me know in the comments 🙂


6 thoughts on “Going Vegan

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  1. Cheese was one of that harder things to give up when I went vegan! There are some decent alternatives you can find and after a while you won’t even miss it anymore! If you do decide to give veganism a try I have a post on my blog with some advice for people making the transition, I think you might find it helpful! Best of luck!

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  2. I decided to go with “mostly plant based” that way I am not breaking any rules because there are none. Either way the closer to plant based you can get the better for your health. Doing so also lost me 50 lbs since my last baby sooo there’s that


  3. Well done to take on the challenge and I’m sure you will be able to stick by it. A few of my colleagues are vegan and since they changed their diet they changed so much. Look healthier, more energy and they say they feel so much better.

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