Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

Hello there!  In my last post, I discussed my interest in going Vegan.  Since then, I have made a few positive steps toward eliminating animal products from my diet.  Instead of wasting food, I am working on finishing up the small amount of animal products I have at home, and replacing them with vegan alternatives when they run out.  Last week I ate my last package of ground turkey, so this week I bought tofu instead.  I’m on my last cup of greek yogurt (my everyday breakfast), so I’m switching to oatmeal with fruit instead.  Seems like an easy swap so far, and I already feel better!  I am not completely out of cheese yet, but I will most likely run out sometime next week.  That will be the real challenge!

Other than the obvious health benefits of eating a plant based diet, I feel that the ethical responsibility is something that most people don’t talk about.  We are taught at a young age that eating animals and animal products is normal.  I felt this way for most of my life.  However, after doing my own research, I feel that I can no longer be a part of that culture.  In addition, the land and resources it takes just to produce these animal products wreak havoc on the environment.  Simply put, there are just too many positive reasons to for me switch to a plant based diet than to continue eating animal products.

If anyone has any tips on eliminating animal products, please let me know in the comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

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  1. I think cheese would be tough! I was a vegetarian for two years (many many years ago), but I feel like that is much easier than being vegan. I am anxious to hear what you substitute for cheese and how you like it!


  2. Something that helped me was making smoothies in the morning. They would keep me full until lunchtime and there you go, made it to noon with no animal consumption. 🙂


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