Why I Love Being Frugal

I started tracking our finances about a year ago, and since then my life has changed drastically for the better.  Before I began budgeting, I thought we were doing pretty well with money.  We were spending money we didn’t have, and we were spending lots of it on stuff.  We didn’t even realize where all of our money was going.  It’s true what they say: ignorance is bliss.

Fast-forward to today, where I am a budgeting machine.  Every dime and dollar is accounted for.  We are no longer ignorant to our spending, but blissful in our saving. There are many advantages to being more money conscious, but I’ll let you know some of my favorites:

Less is More
It is so liberating to know how little I truly need.  After I began budgeting, I completely decluttered and organized our home.  Instead of digging in the back of the cupboard for the cutting board or the potato peeler, I now have a space for everything.  No digging required!  This required me to be very choosy with my things.  In addition to knowing where everything is, I have also benefitted from less maintenance.  I don’t have to clean, launder, or hire a handyman to fix any random crap we don’t use.

More Freedom
This one is obvious, but one of the joys of frugal life is more money.  This resonates in all areas of life, whether we like it or not.  The reality is: having a little nest egg allows for more freedom to do what YOU want.  Not happy with your current location?  Take a vacation.  Want to start you own business?  Pursue it.  Being money conscious means you can have the freedom to change things up if you want.

Sense of Accomplishment
Setting our goal to pay off the car last year felt like a big hurdle.  Once we were finished though, it felt fantastic.  No more monthly payments!!!!  I cannot express how happy I was when we received the title in the mail.  Paying the car off really boosted our confidence and gave us even more motivation to keep paying off our other debts.

Taking charge of our finances has been incredibly eye opening for me.  For my birthday this year, my dad took me out shopping.  It was actually really difficult for me.  Normally I would just put a bunch of random stuff in the basket and call it a day.  This time, however, we went to several stores before I found something I truly wanted: a big mixing bowl.  It seems silly, but I have used that bowl SO many times already and I just love how handy it is.  IT EVEN HAS A SPOUT, YOU GUYS!








Now that we are about a year into our new frugal life, I can’t imagine ever going back.  There are simply too many benefits.  Overhauling our finances has taught me so much about myself.  In school, I hated math.  I now love spreadsheets and calculating figures.  To anyone struggling with money: just try.  You won’t regret it.



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