Home Sweet Home

After lots of looking, we have finally found our new home! ¬†Our offer was accepted and now all we have left to do is to sell our house ūüôā I was off yesterday so I spent most of the day cleaning, setting up appointments, and taking care of any other tasks that we need to... Continue Reading →


Putting Our House on the Market

Hey there! ¬†I have mentioned a time or two that we have been working hard to get our house ready to sell. ¬†Well I have an update: we have finally decided to list this April! ¬†That means we have a little more than a month to put the final touches on everything before strangers walk... Continue Reading →


We have decided to finally put our house on the market this April. ¬†This gives us 4 months to complete our decluttering process and fix anything with the house before we list. ¬†We really don't have a lot left to do, but the whole decision has me a little anxious. ¬†What happens if the house... Continue Reading →


We are all creatures of habit. ¬†The real secret of success is a good daily routine. ¬†For a while, my daily routine was incredibly lazy. ¬†I would wake up, make coffee, lounge in bed, and scroll online until it was time to go to work. ¬†Repeat times a hundred. ¬†After a while, I began to... Continue Reading →

Preparing to Sell

I mentioned a little while ago that we are thinking about selling our house and moving back to AL. ¬†I have taken some steps to get the ball rolling (met with a realtor, gotten estimates on a few things we need to fix, etc.) and I'm feeling really good about everything as a whole. ¬†I... Continue Reading →

T Minus 1 Week

One week from today our first Thanksgiving at home will be complete! ¬†I envision around this time next week I will be re-heating some leftovers or digging into a (2nd) piece of pie. ¬†Our family does Thanksgiving potluck style, and I am making the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and dinner rolls this year. ¬†I... Continue Reading →

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