The Heart of the Home

Any time we have people over, they always congregate in the kitchen.  It seems appropriate that the kitchen is where we have spent the most money renovating as well.  Since we are having Thanksgiving at our house this year (for the first time!), I decided to make the kitchen my next room to declutter. I... Continue Reading →


Everyday I’m Hustlin…

In my efforts to declutter our home, I am slowly selling some of our gently used items.  Today I made over $100!  One of my items on Ebay sold, and I just sold an outdoor umbrella we no longer use to someone from Craigslist.  I wish I kept track of all of the items I... Continue Reading →

My Life, Condensed

A while back I posted that I was interested in minimalism and simplifying my life overall.  I have made lots of donations over the past few months, and I am proud to say that I have fit all of my sentimental items into one plastic bin.  This includes yearbooks, my favorite stuffed animals, and handwritten... Continue Reading →


I don't think of myself as a materialistic person.  I carry the same purse everyday.  It's basic black and goes with everything.  I don't have a problem with buying shoes from Payless (they fit my wide feet comfortably and I practically live in my Sanuk flip flops anyway, so whats the point in spending tons... Continue Reading →

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