Putting Our House on the Market

Hey there!  I have mentioned a time or two that we have been working hard to get our house ready to sell.  Well I have an update: we have finally decided to list this April!  That means we have a little more than a month to put the final touches on everything before strangers walk... Continue Reading →


Everyday I’m Hustlin…

In my efforts to declutter our home, I am slowly selling some of our gently used items.  Today I made over $100!  One of my items on Ebay sold, and I just sold an outdoor umbrella we no longer use to someone from Craigslist.  I wish I kept track of all of the items I... Continue Reading →

My Life, Condensed

A while back I posted that I was interested in minimalism and simplifying my life overall.  I have made lots of donations over the past few months, and I am proud to say that I have fit all of my sentimental items into one plastic bin.  This includes yearbooks, my favorite stuffed animals, and handwritten... Continue Reading →


I don't think of myself as a materialistic person.  I carry the same purse everyday.  It's basic black and goes with everything.  I don't have a problem with buying shoes from Payless (they fit my wide feet comfortably and I practically live in my Sanuk flip flops anyway, so whats the point in spending tons... Continue Reading →

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