Day #15

I'm at the halfway mark!  So far the 30 Day Challenge is going well.  Every day (so far) I have been able to accomplish my goal.  Today I had lunch with my boss and two co-workers for the first time.  It was a little awkward at first, but overall it was very positive.  I ended... Continue Reading →


Day #7

Today I have accomplished quite a bit. I ate healthy meals. I also did the dishes, dusted the living room furniture, and vacuumed the living room carpet and baseboards. My brother-in-law's birthday present arrived today so I wrapped it up in pretty wrapping paper. I changed the shower curtain liner and emptied the trash in... Continue Reading →

Goals for April!

April is fast approaching, and I have a lot on my to-do list 🙂  Here's what I would like to tackle in the next few weeks: Tidy up our front yard (landscaping, mulching, planting) Paint the front porch Paint the patio doors Finish ALL painting inside (touch ups add up!) I always seem to put... Continue Reading →

Goals for February

Tomorrow is already February 1st!  I can't wait for spring; I need some sunshine in my life ❤  I have several goals in mind for February that I would like to accomplish and share with you: *Lose 5 more pounds *Finish all bedrooms *Make time for Friday date nights *Work on developing a cleaning routine... Continue Reading →

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