"Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens." I don't really know if you would consider this a quote or just a mantra, but I still think it's important to remember.  No one wants to be the person who never has a nice word to say.  Plus, I personally feel that optimism... Continue Reading →


Wordy Wednesday

  I find this quote so relevant right now.  With all of the violence going on around the world, it is important to remember the good.  There is always something to be happy about and to be thankful for, even in the worst circumstances.

Wordy Wednesday

Love this, and Ryan Adams ❤ I believe it is so important to remember that it's ok to fall in love with people, places, feelings, songs, words, whatever.  We all have our "guilty pleasures," but who came up with the idea that we have to feel guilty? Don't be ashamed to just let go and really love... Continue Reading →

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